Addressing the client’s need in making a building that would stand as a new icon for the city, located in Vadodara’s newly developing area, Kalali, this project is targeted to be the state’s first high end project that offer the users with newest technologies to ease their everyday routine. The ‘cloud’-like rib structure comprises of the homes with acquired benefits through thoughtful design of the units and planning of the intact property. Each family is benefited with a cottage along the lake developed in the centre. Covering a plot of about 2.5 lakh SF area, the project takes a unique form of resort homes through the tower sitting right at the entrance, overlooking the entire campus, a lake in the centre and cottages (owned by individual house holders) lined up along the fringe of the lake. Considering the advantages of natural aids through sunlight and wind flow, the form of the tower is derived. The tower has huge spaces that lets one experience the splendour right from the entry. Planned to maintain a healthy and pollution-free living, most of the site is made pedestrian by restricting vehicular entry inside the entire campus. The tower has huge spaces that suggest splendour, soon as one enters inside. The reception at the entrance also acts as a help desk and is enhanced by the play of double height spaces that occur at the amenities placed on the floor above. This adds to the drama of the interior, as the form does for the exterior. The pool, designed within the building footprint faces the lake, creating a sense of infinity pool as it makes an infinite visual connection towards the lake. Distinct care has been taken in designing the individual units such that it is benefitted with proper ventilation and openings through which the light pierces in. A good interplay of light is created in the interiors, as most spaces have major openings lined along the surface while a few common spaces have a warm enclosure.

The challenging MEPF engineering design for all aspects of this complex project have been provided by INI Engineering (Formerly Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd.)


  • Location: Vadodara
  • Project area: 250000 Sq.Ft.
  • Credit: Architect UNEVAN